All I Want for Father’s Day by Dr. Elliot Berlin

Today we are excited to share a guest post from Dr. Elliot Berlin, Founder of the Berlin Wellness Group in Los Angeles and Orange County on Father’s Day:

All I want for Father’s Day is time.  More time with my wife.  More time with my kids.  More time away from my kids.  More time for work.  Time to read Time.  Just Time.   As a kid, I remember the older folks talking about how life tends to move faster as the years go by.  I must be getting older because right now life is flying by at a million miles and two tweets per second and I’m struggling to hold on for dear life.

Father’s Day Card for Rachel’s Husband

Being a dad is amazing and difficult and interesting and different than it ever was before.  Just 50 years ago, dads role in having a kid was minimal.  After conception we’d go back to hunting and gathering and mom would handle nurturing the growing bump, delivering the kid and taking care of it.  Him.  Or her. During childbirth, for example, our role was to pace back and forth in a remote waiting area, nervously smoking cigars since we didn’t have wifi to keep us plugged in and distracted.Father’s Day Card for Rachel’s Husband

Times are changing quickly.  Today, dad’s are getting more involved.  We are going to those interesting prenatal visits and taking childbirth education classes together.  We have been invited into the delivery room and some of us don’t even pass out.  We are bonding with our newborns kangaroo style and changing diapers now and again.  For some dads these paternal bonding rituals come naturally, but for many of us it doesn’t.  I remember the first time my wife left me home alone with our one month old.   He was well fed and wide awake and I had no idea what to do with him.  We had a starring contest for 25 minutes and then he drooled and made baby noises while I answered some emails.

Four kids and eight years later, I am finally getting the hang of being that hands-on dad who is more involved.   And I really truly love it except for the few times that I absolutely hate it.  I just wish I had more time to juggle all of the responsibilities of home and work.  I sometimes get so busy and focused on work (which is natural for guys) that when I finally come home I find that my two year old has turned seven and can beat me at basketball.  This Fathers Day I look forward to spending quality time with my wife and kids and giving my android phone the day off (product placement, sorry).   While I can’t buy more time, it’s completely my choice to make the time that I do have count.  Uh oh, I smell a poopie.  Duty calls.

Dr. Elliot Berlin is a prenatal and family chiropractor and founder of Berlin Wellness Group bringing prenatal and family wellness care to four Southern California locations.  Through his Informed Pregnancy Project, Dr. Berlin is empowering new and expectant parents to make informed pregnancy, postpartum and parenting choices through projects such as Dr. Berlin’s Informed Pregnancy Guide, Boobie-Palooza, Ultimate Prenatal Date Night and the upcoming launch of his Daddycast posdcast this summer.  Dr. Berlin lives with his wife, Dr. Alyssa Berlin, and their four kids in Los Angeles.

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