Happy Spring – Let’s Clean!

Today is the first official day of spring and what better way to celebrate than by doing a bit of spring cleaning during naptime. I confess that I am a Martha Stewart fanatic (gasp) and usually follow this checklist for my spring cleaning ritual. This year it’s a bit different now that H-Man is around so I’ve created my own spring cleaning checklist just for him. In the ideal world I would do this every week, but as all MomMe’s know there just isn’t enough time in a day.

  • Stroller: Strip stroller down to the frame or base being sure to remove all fabric and plastic parts. Clean the stroller base with an eco and stroller friendly product such as EcoSTORE USA’s all purpose cleaner or check out Buggy Love’s cleaning kit. Check your stroller manufacturer’s suggestions for washing fabric pieces and take extra care of fabric involving velcro.
  • Crib: Pull out the travel crib (or pack and play) and let your little one nap in their for the day while you air out the crib mattress and wash the crib skirt. Be sure to wip down the grime that has accumulated on the crib with a germ killing product that is safe for your little one. Check your manufacturer’s instructions on which products are safe to use on your crib. Certain products are not safe for particular furniture finishes (if you could only see my coffee table)!
  • Plush Toys: Wash plush toys on delicate cycle in washing machine and allow to air dry. Remember to use laundry detergent that is non-toxic, such as EcoSTORE USA’s laundry liquid (see note below about EcoSTORE USA’s products). Your child will inevitably be putting these toys back in his mouth.
  • Plastic Toys: Remove all batteries from plastic toys (yes I admit we do have a few battery operated toys and they are not sold by Melissa and Doug), spray toys with a non-toxic and child friendly cleaner, and wipe down toys. We use the same all purpose cleaner from EcoSTORE USA as we use on our stroller. After cleaning we repeat the process using a spray bottle filled with water and dry with a cloth before the toy chewing begins all over again.

EcoSTORE USA is an amazing line of plant based products that are natural and safe for your child. Please take a moment to support them in bringing their baby shampoo to the shelves by clicking here or by texting 5413 to 383838. Thank you for your support!


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