MomMe Advice: Baby Shower Wisdom

Each guest at my baby shower filled out a card with advice for me, a new MomMe. Some are practical, others are funny, and some are encouraging. I stumbled across these last weekend while putting together H-Man’s baby book and wanted to reflect on them now.

Take time to put together a great and detailed baby book. Your little guy will love to look on this in thirty years to see all of the details of his first year. I finally ordered H-Man’s baby book at 7 months and was thrilled when it arrived. Looking back, I should have taken this advice and purchased it before he was born because I feel like a horrible MomMe who can’t remember every single moment about her newborn. When was his first bottle? I have no idea! I do remember the five solid hours of screaming before I decided to supplement with formula, setting the alarm clock to wake up and pump, logging every ounce he ate, each poop, pee and nap, but not the exact date I gave him his first bottle. Sometime in the future I will have to confess to my child that I fudged his baby book. Lesson learned for when baby number two comes along!

Make special time for date nights for you and Joe. You will probably need some breaks. This is true. I have a deep appreciation for the magic hour. What’s that? The magnificant hour of peace and quiet immediately after your adorable bundle of joy tucks in for the night.

Do something for yourself every day. Whether it’s taking a shower, putting on makeup or going for a run. It will help you take time for you and be a better MomMe. This is true. I feel better when I have a few minutes to escape and take time for myself. If I can even remember who I am. I used to shower every morning, do my hair, put on make up and run every day. Now it’s an accomplishment if I’m out of yoga pants, dressed and don’t have holes in my socks or bags under my eyes.

Let them color outside the lines (until they are at least three years old). Will do! I’m looking forward to plastering the walls with artwork, messy craft projects and letting H-Man discover finger paint.

Be not only a parent, but a friend. Cultivate an adult relationship wiht your little boy as he grows up. And, when he’s a baby, include him in everything you do. Take him out to dinner with you and make him a part of your life. The bus boy is cursing you for this, but it’s true. I enjoy bringing H-Man out to dinner. He might spill Cheerios everywhere, grab my plate, or scream and throw a tantrum, but he will learn and so will I. It will teach me patience and knowing that life isn’t always as planned with baby on board.

Last, but not least, “Don’t let them watch Gremilins before they are fifteen.”

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