Diane von Furstenberg for GapKids: Can She Help Gap Bounce Back?

We all know the state of affairs at one of the most American of retail stores, the Gap.  Their sales were extremely disappointing for 2011, and they are closing stores.  Re-assessing their strategy.  Shaking things up.

And really, what better way to shake things up than taking a page out of H&M and Target‘s book and having a major fashion icon design a special line?  Okay, I know what you are thinking, Madonna for H&M is not a major fashion icon, though Versace and Marni are.  But did you try to log on to Target’s website the day Missoni went live?

If so you were either unable to access it because it crashed in poor form, and then had a waiting list.  One new person on to shop once another left.  Don’t even get me started on their stores that morning.  Chaos is too kind to describe the scene there.  If you were lucky you found a discarded cardigan somewhere.

But to be perfectly honest, I was not that impressed by the Missoni for Target line.  The items were very typical Missoni, but nothing special.  No amazing colors, eye-popping new silhouette.  I personally felt like most people were buying the items to say they owned Missoni more than they actually liked them.

Not so with DVF for GapKids.  Her collection is adorable, stylish, everything that her brand is known for just in smaller sizes.  While DVF may have made the wrap dress the dress that flatters all women, only part of her collection involves wrap dresses.  She also brings a-line dresses, shirts, leggings, shorts, jackets and accessories to the table.

Did you get your invitation to the preview in the mail today?  I will be there, on March 4th at the Grove, and yes, I am hoping to fit into the largest GapKids size available…

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