Missing: One Giraffe Named Sophie

Has anyone seen a seven-inch giraffe named Sophie?  She is a soft rubber chew-friendly toy covered in spots that squeaks, but please do not call her a dog toy.  Or over-priced.  Sophie just happens to be the most popular baby item on Amazon, and is proudly displayed by registers in stores ranging from Pottery Barn Kids to Right Start and Nordstrom.  She is French and imported, oh la-la!

Sophie was last seen in a vice gripe between my son’s fingers, mouth and jaw, covered in saliva.  She is so important that my mom decided to buy a toy leash for my son’s stroller just to make sure she does not get thrown overboard one day.  Wait just one minute…is it possible that she could have made the jump, intentionally?

No, Sophie was born just to amuse my son in his endless need to put everything in his mouth, take out, look at, and repeat.  Surely she had to like this game, right?

Woody felt abandoned when Andy turned 18 and moved off to college.  Maybe Sophie could not wait it out another 17.5 years and decided to jump ship a tad early?

All I know is that I have looked everywhere for Sophie, and she seems to have disappeared.  She is the one and only thing that can always bring a smile to my son’s face, and get him to look at the camera for a picture.

But can I justify another $20 for a rubber squeaky toy?  That would amount to a total of $40 plus tax spent on fourteen inches of spotted rubber.  And those spots fade, as is evidenced by the much older Sophie that resides at our pediatrician’s office.

So I ask again, has anyone seen Sophie?

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