Coffee Lovers + Moms: Safety Tip for your Cup

I don’t know about you, but I am more obsessed with coffee now that I am a mom than I ever have been before.  Maybe this has to do with waking up (once, twice, wait I lost count) in the middle of the night.  Perhaps I want to join my little one as he drinks his bottle with my own beverage, though we have never clinked bottles like I used to do with friends in my pre-mommy days.  Or maybe I just don’t want to go through my day as a tired zombie mommy.

Whatever it is, I now drink coffee just about every single morning.  Even though I own a Nespresso (which is ah-mazing and has a new boutique at Bloomingdale’s in Century City!) and a coffee machine, I often find myself joining the daily line-up at Starbucks in my Ugg slippers and yoga pants, surrounded by put together people in business attire, oh I remember those days…

My son at seven months is now obsessed with anything I am doing, be that typing on my computer, reading messages on my phone or drinking my daily Starbucks.  His new habit is to open his mouth when he sees food or drink that he wants, and a Starbucks cup sighting elicites the same response along with outstretched arms.

Due to my paranoia, anxiety, cautiousness as a new momme, I have taken to always placing a stopper over the opening of my coffee cup.  These stoppers, shaped like a long green sword, fit over the spout and prevent any liquid from coming out of the cup.

Trust me, this invention is so much better than Starbucks’ former solution of using a coffee sticker to cover the top.  (As a law student studying for the bar, I often went on coffee runs for my study group and would have to balance all of the cups that would inevitably spill out from the sticker, onto me and my hands as I tried to parallel park on the left side of the street in Downtown San Diego, ugh…)

If you are a green mom, well then you are probably using your own mug and will not encounter this problem.  I have a lot of respect for you, but I find it hard enough to clean bottles, baby spoons, etc every day.  However, if you are concerned for the environment just clean off your green stopper and re-use it the next day.  Also, take a few extra to put in your stroller, car and a few other handy spaces just in case.

Now I am off to Starbucks for my daily latte…

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