Teething Tantrums

All of my MomMe friends warned me about the terrible twos. Not once did I hear about teething or how your angel baby monster baby will test your patience to the limits of outer space. Heck, I can’t even get mine to eat solid food right now! Yes, a chunky monkey of a baby who ate three adult-sized portions a day for the past two months is refusing solids, whining constantly, and drooling like a St. Bernard. This, my friends, is the joyous world of teething.

What can you do to remedy the pains of teething? Stock up on coffee, it’s the worst when a new MomMe runs out of caffeine, grab a glass of vino and try to relax. What about baby? This MomMe uses a combination of Hyland’s teething tablets, acetaminophen, cold teething rings, and the Munchkin mesh feeder for frozen fruit. Lastly, my favorite, Chewbeads! Ladies these are a must have for every fashionista MomMe out there!

This amazing product is my new favorite for teething. I was tired of H-Man pulling on my necklaces and breaking them. When I discovered this product I instantly fell in love with it! Chewbeads are teething necklaces designed for the stylish MomMe but to be used by baby. They are 100% silicone and contain no BPA, PVC, phthalates, cadmium, or lead. H-Man loves pulling and chewing on my Hudson (pictured to the left) and Jane Chewbeads. Share this post and drop a hint to Da-Da. Valentine’s day is just around the corner!


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2 responses to “Teething Tantrums

  1. As an experienced mom (8) grandma (22) and great-grandma (3), let me tell you this works! The freezer pops in plastic bags are great for teething–just poke a tiny pinhole in the frozen pop. Cold soothes the gums and the sweet keeps the baby interested.

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