The Best Mexican Dip Ever…and some Superbowl Thoughts.

The Superbowl is almost here.  For some people, this greatest event in sports is the culmination of their viewing season.  The big game they have been waiting for months (or maybe a year) to watch.

As a huge fan of the game of football (and fantasy football), for me the Superbowl is always a bit sad.  The arrival of this game means that the season is over.  A season that started over the summer with mini-camps and training camps filled with high hopes and even bigger dreams.

Every team and every player watching the Superbowl game on their couch or from the sidelines did not see those dreams become reality.  The many hours of blood, sweat and tears dedicated reaching this milestone will essentially be all for naught.

(Although let’s be honest, it filled up a lot of my time, energy and attention watching games, making my survivor and confidence picks, and building the best fantasy teams that ever were.  So in reality, there was a lot accomplished by any player who donned a uniform and was good enough to be drafted onto a fantasy roster.)

The best part of the Superbowl is the unifying nature of the game.  People all over the world tune in to watch, though they may normally watch basketball or baseball, soccer or cricket.  The unifying power of the game is so great, companies and brands go bananas jockeying to advertise everything from Doritos, Groupon (though that was an #epicfail) and this year’s most anticipated follow-up commercial, the Star Wars Volkswagon commercial.  Released three weeks before the big game, the ad preview went viral in less than a day!

(For any fans in Indy for the big game, be sure to check out the NFL Experience where our one of our partners, Emcee Live is hosting fun events everyday leading up to the big game.)

No Superbowl party would be complete without food, or should I say dips, apps and other finger foods.  Easy to eat and facilitating social interactions, dips are the perfect Superbowl food.

Here is a recipe that will make you the star of your Superbowl party even if you don’t know the difference between a first down and touchdown, where the Giants are from or who Tom Brady is married to.

The Best Mexican Dip You Will Ever Taste

1 can refried beans, black beans or 1.5 cups beans made from recipe you like

1 cup grated cheddar, pepperjack, or Mexican cheese

2 cups lettuce in small strips (I hate to admit this, but iceburg or bibb lettuce with its  little nutritional value will work best)

2 large tomatoes

1 pack salsa or 1.5 cups home-made salsa

2 avocados (make guacamole following this recipe)

1 pack taco mix or Penzey’s chicken taco seasoning to taste (you do not have to use full pack, remember what I said in an earlier post about seasoning food)

I container of light sour cream

I small can black olives

Place beans in an oval baking dish (I love Le Creuset) and heat on 350 until warm, about 10 minutes.  Take dish from the oven and let cool for a few minutes.

While the beans cook, grate cheese, make your guacamole and salsa (if making from scratch), dice online in small slices, tear or cut lettuce into small strips, dice tomatoes.  Put sour cream in a mixing bowl and add taco seasoning.

Sprinkle cheese over the beans (or you can bake the beans with the cheese if you want).  Layer dip with salsa, sour cream mixture, guacamole, tomatoes, lettuce and then add olives around the rim of the dish and shape them into the laces on a football.

Your dip will be delicious and look like a football for your party!

Optional: you can cook turkey or ground beef with taco seasoning and add it to the mix after the salsa and before the sour cream layers.

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January 31, 2012 · 12:05 am

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