Oh, Beaba!

Oh, Beaba!

I can not put it any simpler than this. I love to cook! Cooking is my way of expressing my love for my friends and family and, naturally, I wanted to share that love with little H-Man when he arrived. Thanks to my fabulous Chicago friends I am able to do that. I make all of H-Man’s meals using the Beaba Baby Cook. This is by far the easiest baby food cooker on the market. If you have not checked it out yet, stop reading this post and do so right away!

The Beaba has two basic parts: steamer basket insert and food processor. The steamer insert fits inside the food processor so with the touch of a button I can steam H-Man’s vegetables and meat. When they are done I empty the steamer basket into the food processor and puree. Clean up is even easier. Everything goes in the dishwasher! No more baby gadgets taking up space on the coveted Boon lawn (Side note – Dear Boon: The grass and lawn are too small. Please create a field. MomMe needs room to dry her wine glass from dinner. Thank you!)

This week I made a batch of lentils, lamb casserole, and mashed potatoes. Little H-Man is a fantastic eater so far and I like to believe it is because he is getting homemade meals filled with love thanks to Beaba!

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